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FLAGELLUM DEI - Lord Diabolus Throne 2017

Enviado: domingo nov 19, 2017 10:06 am
por tnganisius
«Lord Diabolus Throne» is the fifth studio album of Flagellum Dei and marks the highest point in the band’s music evolution in twenty years band’s career. Without breaking or loosing their old foundations, the new album delivers an atmosphere of evil riffs and demonic vocals, crushing drums and pounding bass lines. With an utterly powerfull production the 36min long album is a compromise with the best black death metal known from southern lands. Clear and dynamic sound like never featured on any previous Flagellum Dei album dropped into 6 original tracks and a cover version track from brazilian legendary Sarcofago’s INRI.


Re: FLAGELLUM DEI - Lord Diabolus Throne 2017

Enviado: quarta dez 06, 2017 6:08 pm
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