Algumas METAL news

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Algumas METAL news

Mensagempor jp soturno » domingo out 01, 2006 11:06 am

Para não encher isto de tópicos fica aqui um pacotito de METAL news. :lol: :lol:

THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT - posted demo track: "This is a blueprint for the new album"

The Monolith Deathcult posted the following newsfact on their homepage:

Well shoot, there's actually news.
On our MyGayCom there's a rough, rough track of a new song we're currently performing live. Dubbed "The Androgynous Ones", this is a blueprint for the new album.
Feel free to post comments on the song and add us as a friend! Note that this is a really quick and rough home production, fake drums, one vocalist, etc. You know, the kind of stuff major labels will want to 're-release' as bonus tracks about 10 years from now.

"That was it?"

Yes. Here endeth the sermon. Exit ye.


NIGHTWISH - update on open vocalist spot: "No decisions have been made regarding the vocalist and there will not be any before the year 2007"

the band has posted the following message on ist official website:

There have been false news again about a new NIGHTWISH-vocalist in the Finnish media. No decisions have been made regarding the vocalist and there will not be any before the year 2007. When the band chooses the vocalist they will inform the media of it. Once again: Do not trust any news if it's not written on!


ARCH ENEMY - European tourdates revealed: "the band is about to deliver the probably best extreme metal worldwide to European stages again"

After the currently sweaty Gigantour 2006 in the US alongside Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Opeth, labelmates Into Eternity and others, which will be finished in mid-October, the ever restless ARCH ENEMY will be setting sails shortly after for a set of European Headliner shows!

As ARCH ENEMY’s latest “Live Apocalypse” DVD caused some audiovisual stir and even entered the official DVD charts in Sweden (at position #2) and Germany (at position #12), the band is about to deliver the probably best extreme metal worldwide to European stages again!

The band around front-lady Angela Gossow and musical mastermind Michael Amott, shall give you a full dose of intense and aggressive metal at the following dates:


Close Up Made Us Do It Tour 2006, with Coldworker, Path Of No Return
16.11.2006 Malmö (S), KB
17.11.2006 Karlskrona (S), Kino
18.11.2006 Gothenburg (S), Tragarn
22.11.2006 Stockholm (S), Klubben
23.11.2006 Linköping (S), Platens Bar
24.11.2006 Halmstad (S), Diezel
26.11.2006 Copenhagen (D), Pumpehuset
27.11.2006 Arhus (DK), Voxhall

European Headliner Shows + Special Guests
29.11.2006 Bochum (D), Zeche
30.11.2006 Hamburg (D), Knust
01.12.2006 Glauchau (D), Alte Spinnerei
03.12.2006 Zürich (CH), Rohstofflager
05.12.2006 München (D), New Backstage
06.12.2006 Aschaffenburg (D), Colos-Saal
08.12.2006 Antwerpen (B), Hof Ter Loo
09.12.2006 Arnheim (NL), Metal Meeting Festival
10.12.2006 Strasbourg (F), La Laiterie


ICED EARTH - info revealed on "Alive in Athens" DVD: "only three of the 31 live songs were absent"

Century Media Records unveils footage of legendary ICED EARTH “Alive In Athens” show from 1999

With ICED EARTH, Jon Schaffer created one of the most successful Power Metal bands ever. One of those reasons for their success is that ICED EARTH were always renowned as being one of the best live bands ever. Their first and only live album “Alive In Athens” was recorded at two sold-out shows on the nights of January 23rd and January 24th, 1999, at the Rodon Club in Athens, Greece. Originally released as a triple-CD and 5 picture-vinyl set in summer 1999, “Alive In Athens” entered the German charts on #55 and stayed two weeks on #1 in Greece, where it was quickly honoured with Gold status.

“Alive In Athens” was heralded by many as one of the greatest live heavy metal albums ever recorded, often named up among such hallowed company as Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death” and Judas Priest’s “Unleashed In The East” as one of the finest live albums ever captured.

Seven years after the release of “Alive In Athens”, a discovery was made when raw footage of the live show itself was discovered in a discontinued archive, and out of curiosity alone the footage was immediately converted to a modern tape format and examined. Although only three cameras were present at the show, the energy and atmosphere of the material was overwhelming, and only three of the 31 live songs (“Slave to the Dark”, “A Question of Heaven” and “Iced Earth”) were absent or unusable due to videotape changes of the camera team. Not having known that camera footage existed from such a legendary concert, the decision was made to share the material with the world in the form of “Alive In Athens – The DVD”. The audio files have been re-mastered for 5.1 DTS surround sound to offer the best quality live feeling. While not as slick as the modern 16-camera, quick-cut DVD releases found today, the fact that fans can now share the visual experience of being at the show is one that will surely be rejoiced. Some backstage footage and a Jon Schaffer interview with the German music channel VIVA TV were also unearthed and added as part of this historical performance, leaving it without the standard bells and whistles but nonetheless delivering more than 2-½ hours of the best Metal ever recorded live.

DVD tracklist:

1.Intro 01:53
2.Burning Times 03:32
3.Vengeance is Mine 04:07
4.Dark Saga 03:30
5.Last Laugh 04:15
6.Cast in Stone 05:53
7.Last December 03:28
8.Pure Evil 06:16
9.Desert Rain 06:29
10.Dante's Inferno 16:20
11.The Hunter 03:58
12.Melancholy (Holy Martyr)05:04
13.Angels Holocaust 04:38
14.Stormrider 04:45
15.The Path I Choose 05:39
16.Watching Over Me 05:12
17.Diary 05:57
18.Blessed Are You 05:08
19.When the Night Falls 07:21
20.My Own Savior 03:47
21.Travel in Stygian 09:17
22.Violate 04:38
23.Stand Alone 03:23
24.Brainwashed 05:43
25.Disciples of the Lie 04:10
26.I Died For You 05:01
27.Prophecy 06:10
28.Birth of the Wicked 05:44
29.The Coming Curse 08:08
30.Epilog 02:36

31.Iced Earth Backstage 04:21
32.Jon Schaffer in Athens 03:26

Total running time: approx. 171 min

VOMITORY - first two albums rereleased on vinyl & working on new album: "one song is a bit heavier than the usual Vomitory song"

The first two Vomitory albums, "Raped in their own blood" and "Redemption" will soon finally be available on vinyl! Animate Records will release them both as strictly limited vinyl versions of 666 (surprise, surprise!) copies each. No final release date is set yet, but everything is in the works now so check this section later for a release date.

The band is currently busy writing new material for the follow-up to "Primal Massacre" (2004) and has about one third/half of the songs finished. Newcomer Peter Östlund (guitar) has so far contributed with two songs, one is in the typical Vomitory-vein and the other a bit heavier than the usual Vomitory song. Tobias Gustafsson (drums) has written three songs so far but has like 4 more in the works at the moment. Erik Rundqvist (bass & vocals) is solely focusing on writing the lyrics.


DREAM EVIL - new album details: 'watch out for 2006’s absolute highlight in the field of traditional heavy metal"

After the programmatic “The Book Of Heavy Metal” album in 2004, the high triumvirate of heavy metal is back to unite the loyal metal warriors out there with the follow-up “United”! Set for release via Century Media Records on October 16, 2006, DREAM EVIL continues the band’s tradition of heavy riffs, hookline-on-hookline vocals, epic atmosphere but also bittersweet ballad-approach and thunderous speed outbursts.

“United” will be released as standard jewel case as well as limited edition containing an exclusive bonus 3” CD containing not less than 5 exclusive, brand new songs: “Calling Your Name”, “Dynamite”, “Into The Unknown”, “I Will Never” and “Vengeance”.

Here the tracklisting:

DREAM EVIL - “United” CD (45:45)

1. Fire! Battle! In Metal! (3:10)
2. United (3:33)
3. Blind Evil (4:22)
4. Evilution (4:28)
5. Let Me Out (4:28)
6. Higher On Fire (4:22)
7. Kingdom At War (3:10)
8. Love Is Blind (4:46)
9. Falling (4:01)
10. Back From The Dead (4:23)
11. Doomlord (4:42)
12. My Number One (3:09)

Also, expect the video for the album’s opener “Fire! Battle! In Metal!” to be launched in the coming weeks. The video was filmed by Patric Ullaeus for Revolver Film Company ( That particular heavy metal anthem can also be streamed online at the official Century Media artist page, which you’ll find HERE!

So, watch out for 2006’s absolute highlight in the field of traditional heavy metal gifted with stellar songwriting and top-class musicianship. Get ready for battle in metal!!!
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Mensagempor Mindwalker » domingo out 01, 2006 11:11 am

Obrigado pelo teu pacote. 8)
Now, I've noticed a tendency for this thread to get rather silly...

Brujo [RIP 2009/08/10]

Mensagempor Brujo [RIP 2009/08/10] » domingo out 01, 2006 11:14 am

isto é serviço para o geiras pah

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AnasaziMindwalker Escreveu:Obrigado pelo teu pacote. 8)

Not mine. :twisted: Pacotito de METAL news.
Olha que se eu uso o meu Imagem ficas desempregado do MU. :lol: :lol:
Hail to thee! É só copiões, haha e imitações!!! Tb quero disto...e vende... Tanto carneirinho e lambe cu...

Lux-A [RIP]

Mensagempor Lux-A [RIP] » segunda out 02, 2006 6:54 am

VOMITORY - first two albums rereleased on vinyl & working on new album: "one song is a bit heavier than the usual Vomitory song

:shock: Um bocadinho mais pesada?Faço ideia...qualquer dia a menos de 300 bpm são baladas para eles.Venham os lançamentos!

Zyklon [RIP]

Mensagempor Zyklon [RIP] » segunda out 02, 2006 8:30 am

Aqui ficam mais uma desta feita sobre Neurosis o novo album e o que têm andado a fazer os rapazes:

NEUROSIS heads to the studio!

Neurosis will enter the studio in December to record their next album. Once again they will be returning to Electrical Audio in Chicago with engineer Steve Albini.

The sounds emanating from the rehearsal room are frighteningly strange and not very nice.

Steve Von Till, under the guise of his guitar based psych project Harvestman, recently composed the soundtrack for the psychological thriller titled h2odio, a full length feature film for Italian director Alex Infascelli. An official soundtrack release by the Italian film company is in the works and a special limited edition of the music for the film with outtakes will be available from Neurot Recordings in the near future. The track "Trinity" from the film has been posted on the Harvestman myspace page at Visit the film website at

Scott Kelly has been hard at work with his online radio show on Check it out to hear some intense music and amazing interviews.

He will also be playing a solo show in Phoenix, Arizona on September 16th @ 407 E. Roosevelt w/ Graves at Sea, Black Hell, and Emily.

Noah Landis and Brian Hood (of Strychnine) have opened a recording studio in Oakland, CA. While it is still in construction and doesn't yet look pretty, the tracking rooms are big and they have been doing some great sounding sessions. They are open and ready for business with low rates and a big sound. You can contact them at

Dave Edwardson has just released an album with bay area punk band Jesus Fucking Christ with whom he plays bass and occasionally sings. He describes them as early to mid-80's style hardcore with a heavy Poison Idea, Accused, and Christ on a Crutch influence. The record will be available from Inimical Records at or

Neurosis visual artist / director Josh Graham's musical projects Red Sparowes and Battle of Mice both have upcoming full length releases on Neurot Recordings plus the just released "Triad" triple split 7" featuring both projects plus Made Out of Babies.

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Brujo Escreveu:isto é serviço para o geiras pah

eu não posto assim tantas noticias
cds q quero
CDs venda

Zyklon [RIP]

Mensagempor Zyklon [RIP] » segunda out 02, 2006 3:23 pm

My Dying Bride fresh news:

"According to the band, sadly Shaun Steels has decided to part from MDB. His continuing illness shows no sign of abating and he feels the uncertaintly could be having a negative affect on his relationship with the band members. His statement below:

I would just like to salute MDB for the good times and wish them all well in the future, I feel I am not ready to fulfill the duties in a manner befitting MDB at this time and have decided to stand down. I am sad to be leaving but at this time I feel it is for the greater good of the band. Tak! The Winter.

MDB would like just like to say thanks to Shaun and to say we are sorry to see him part, but fully understand his position. Good luck Shaun. MDB "

AnneGwish [RIP]

Mensagempor AnneGwish [RIP] » segunda out 02, 2006 11:43 pm

Sempre fica o Bennett, então. Até aposto que será uma questão de tempo até ele deixar os The Prophecy.

Zyklon [RIP]

Mensagempor Zyklon [RIP] » quarta out 04, 2006 2:04 pm

Algumas notas breves:
The new Jesu album, recently titled 'Conqueror', is currently at the end of the mixing stage and is about to be mastered. There are 8 songs on 'Conqueror', with a running time of just over 60 minutes. Planned for a February 2007 release on Hydra Head, a U.S tour will coincide with the release, shortly followed by tours of Japan and Europe. More details as they come through...
Justin has been invited to join Sunn0))) as a member of the group on their upcoming October 2006 U.K and Ireland tour.
A capa do proximo album:

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DECAPITATED - new video online: "It features some of Decapitated's finest musical work"

Technically savvy Polish death metallers DECAPITATED are currently blazing through the US and Canada with SUFFOCATION and are set to embark on a second leg of their US tour in late October with industrialized metal powerhouses, FEAR FACTORY. DECAPITATED’S latest effort, “Organic Halucinosis,” is a pummeling wall of concise sound that has turned the heads and ears of many within the metal community. The highly anticipated “Day 69” music video, a featured track from “Organic Halucinosis,” is now available for viewing at ... layer.html and features some of DECAPITATED’S finest musical work.
Hail to thee! É só copiões, haha e imitações!!! Tb quero disto...e vende... Tanto carneirinho e lambe cu...

Zyklon [RIP]

Mensagempor Zyklon [RIP] » quarta out 11, 2006 6:05 pm

Frescas dos brutais The Amenta:
Parasite - Taken from the forthcoming DVD ' Virus ' is now available for download at &

Type O Negative:
Currently Type O Negative is focused on completing a new album with a tentative release date in early 2007. There are currently no tour plans while they are finishing the new record.

Negura Bunget:
OM - The endeavor of spiritual maturation. Negură Bunget proposes once again a new complete opus, focused around the symbolism and signification of one unitary concept: OM. Romanian language offers a vast and complex signification: OM means MAN (the human being), but OM is also the main contemplative state for elevation in traditional esotericism.Musically, the album carries the listener through a rather large palette of musical influences, from pure Black Metal to full Ambient tracks, keeping an even more intense flavor of Romanian traditional influence. All in 11 tracks of over 60 minutes, melt together by an overall spiritual concept. A tale of human elevation.

The official release date for the new album is finally set worldwide for October 30, through code666 Records. The album will also be officially released on November 30 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through code666/SPV.
You can already pre-order a copy of the album from us directly (, for 15 EU (postage included).

A capa:

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Mensagempor bella-morte » quinta out 19, 2006 5:54 pm

Bem, não são bem noticias novas mas conta a intenção. A já extinta banda de THRASH americana dos anos 80 e 90,ANACRUSIS tem no site todos os albuns e videos da banda para download. Foi desta banda que sairam os Believer, banda cristã de metal. Para quem foi um grande fã como eu do thrash daquela altura tem aqui com que se entreter e recordar bons e velhos tempos!
Quem não conhece tem aqui o site:
O Grande Bode procura uma Grande Cabra :awesome:

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Ensiferum posted the following newsfact on their homepage:

There seems to be rumours in the internet which claims that Ensiferum would be one of the performing acts in the coming year’s “No Mercy Fest 2007”. There has been even promotion advertising that this would be so. In reality Ensiferum does not appear on that particular tour. Either Ensiferum or the band’s official booking agency has nothing to do with this false advertising.
As a reminder: The recording of the third album will begin in November and the release date of the album is 21.2.2007. A taste of the album is available two weeks earlier 7.2.2007 in the form of a cd single.



Hate Eternal posted the following on their homepage:

This has been so hard for me to put into words for I am just devastated. Jared was such an incredible person, amazing musician and most of all, a best friend, a brother, family. Jared and I played together for over 5 years in Hate Eternal. We worked together on Internecine, we toured together with Morbid Angel and spent some of the best days of our lives together as band mates and as best friends. Jared was so devoted to his music, life, his friends and his family. There was nothing he would not do for anyone he cared for. Jared was there for me as I was for him, through thick and thin, good times and bad, a friend you could trust with your life .Jared and I spoke last week as we often did ,he sounded so positive, healthy in his heart, in his mind, in his body. Jared worked so hard to accomplish all his goals in life and his dreams. We always talked about the good ole times and how great it would be to play together again someday. How Jared, Derek and I did so much together and lived a dream that so many wish to live. These times I will always cherish. Jared will always be a part of me for the rest of my life. I will never forget the friend he was to me and the endless devotion and loyalty he had for his fans, friends and family. I will always be grateful to have had Jared be such a big part of my life. I shall carry on your memory forever ,your music will live on forever, your spirit will live on forever. Let us rejoice in all he did in his life and for the lives around him that he ever so touched. Now it is time for me to go support the Anderson family in their time of need and do one of the hardest things I have ever done, put my best friend to eternal rest.

You will never be forgotten my friend, may you find peace!!!
I love you brother!!




Even though they played many live shows in the last time, DEW-SCENTED weren´t lazy. 12 songs are written and there´s an idea for a cool coverversion. This time the band will start the recordings at the end of October – in the Soundlodge Studios (GOD DETHRONED, OBSCENITY, etc.) with Jörg Uken. The mix and mastering will be handled by legend Andy Sneap (ARCH ENEMY, MACHINE HEAD, etc.)! A early 2007 release is expected, a title hasn´t been anounced yet.

In other news, DEW-SCENTED are complete again! Guitar player Flo Müller, who left the band after the "Impact" album, joined the fold again! Welcome back!

DEW-SCENTED will also support shooting stars TRIVIUM on three shows in Germany!
Here are the whole DEW-SCENTED livedates for 2006:

Nov. 16 - Zürich, SWI @ Jugendkulturhaus Dynamo*
Nov. 17 - Graz, AUT @ Orpheum*
Nov. 18 - Bochum, GER @ Matrix / Brainchrusher Festival*
Nov. 19 - Hollfeld / Bayreuth GER @ Stadthalle*
Dec. 04 - München, GER @ Backstage**
Dec. 05 - Ludwigsburg, GER @ Rockfabrik***
Dec. 06 - Frankfurt, GER @ Batschkapp**
Dec. 07 - Hameln, GER @ Kulturzentrum Regenbogen***
Dec. 08 - Hannover, GER @ Faust / X-Mas Metal Meeting***
Dec. 09 - Köln, GER @ Live Music Hall**
Dec. 15 - Annaberg-Buchholz, GER @ Alte Brauerei
Dec. 16 - Freising, GER @ Lindenkeller

* with Noise Forest and Fallen Yggdrasil
** with Trivium and Wolf
*** with Wolf and more
Hail to thee! É só copiões, haha e imitações!!! Tb quero disto...e vende... Tanto carneirinho e lambe cu...

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Candlelight Records published the following information on their homepage:

AVERSE SEFIRA Sefira have signed to Candlelight Records! The band has just inked a new deal with the UK's Candlelight Records and is currently writing material for their next album.

AVERSE SEFIRA formed in Texas, in 1996. Following a well-received demo, the band self-released their debut album, "Homecoming's March", on Arrogare Records in 1999. Shortly after, the band relocated to New York state and began playing in support of the release. They went on to make several high-profile appearances, most notably in support of Cradle of Filth in Canada. In 2000, AVERSE SEFIRA relocated back to Texas and signed to Massachusetts' Lost Disciple Records. Their following release, "Battle's Clarion", garnered critical acclaim across the globe.
With their reputation secured, the band toured Europe and Canada, and successfully co-headlined with Dark Funeral in South America. 2003 saw AVERSE SEFIRA leave Lost Disciple to pursue a new offer with Brazil's Evil Horde Records. This arrangement not only resulted in a re-edition of the band's then out-of-print "Homecoming's March" album, but also led to the 2005 release of a new album, "Tetragrammatical Astygmata". The strongest effort of the band thus far, "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" features songwriting and production that surpasses their previous efforts. Despite limited distribution and support from Lost Disciple Records, AVERSE SEFIRA has managed to amass a large cult following through relentless self-promotion and touring since 2001. Outside of their current partnership with Evil Horde Records the band is self-sufficient. They arrange their own tours and handle their own art direction independent of any label assistance. To date, they are still the only American black metal group to have performed live on three continents. In March of 2006, AVERSE SEFIRA returned to Brazil in support of Candlemass.

AVERSE SEFIRA will headline the Helloween Metal Ball on October 28th, in Austin, Texas at Redrum Club.
Hail to thee! É só copiões, haha e imitações!!! Tb quero disto...e vende... Tanto carneirinho e lambe cu...

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