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Re: Metal News - 2022

Enviado: quinta jul 28, 2022 6:33 pm
por abyssum
The official performance video for Behemoth's "The Deathless Sun" from the album "Opvs Contra Natvram", out September 16th.

Re: Metal News - 2022

Enviado: terça ago 02, 2022 4:19 pm
por nekronos
Novo tema / Lyric Video dos ANZV (Black Death Metal) !

ANZV | Portugal | "Inane"
Lyric Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voqaeJ2KZ4o

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3yZHyls5 ... H0LGA&nd=1
Bandcamp: https://anzv.bandcamp.com/

Mais sobre os ANZV: https://www.loudmagazine.net/anzv-novo- ... de-gallas/

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Enviado: quarta ago 03, 2022 4:30 pm
por nekronos
O Novo videoclip do tema titulo do novo album "The Devils" dos blasfemos Belphegor já está disponivel!

Toda a noticia em: https://nekronospromotion.blogspot.com/ ... t-now.html
...ou aqui no forum: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=47276&p=1521075#p1521075




Diabolical death metal squadron BELPHEGOR who have recently released their new album "The Devils" via Nuclear Blast Records have released today a new bizarre music video for the title track.

The band comments: "BELPHEGOR horde, today we have a special present for you extreme Musick lovers out there. We are unleashing the new bizarre music video for the diabolical album´s titletrack „THE DEVILS“! Turn ya speakers to the max:
In Musick, Helmuth"

Check "The Devils" music video at:

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Enviado: sexta ago 05, 2022 12:23 pm
por xtr3me
Pre-order disponível para o novo de Mars Volta (self titled):



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Enviado: sexta ago 05, 2022 12:29 pm
por GoncaloBCunha
Dass, os preços vai lá vai. CD a 23 paus e K7 a 19€. :lol:

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Enviado: sexta ago 05, 2022 10:15 pm
por xtr3me
GoncaloBCunha Escreveu:Dass, os preços vai lá vai. CD a 23 paus e K7 a 19€. :lol:

"Breaking a decade of omertà, The Mars Volta reawaken from their lengthy hiatus with an eponymous album that radically reshapes their paradigm. The new album shakes loose some of The Mars Volta’s long-standing shibboleths, fearlessly defying all expectations and categorizations. Instead, The Mars Volta pulses with subtle brilliance, Caribbean rhythms underpinning sophisticated, turbulent songcraft. This is The Mars Volta at their most mature, most concise, most focused. Their sound and fury channeled to greatest effect, The Mars Volta finds Rodríguez-López’s subterranean pop melodies driving Bixler-Zavala’s dark sci-fi tales of the occult and malevolent governments. Distilling all the passion, poetry and power at their fingertips, The Mars Volta is the most exciting and accessible music the group has ever recorded."

Com esta descrição, até acho que 23 euros é estar a pagar pouco :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Enviado: sexta ago 05, 2022 10:24 pm
por GoncaloBCunha
xtr3me Escreveu:

Com esta descrição, até acho que 23 euros é estar a pagar pouco :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

De facto, só o uso desta palavra deve ter custado uma fortuna! :evillol:

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Enviado: sábado ago 06, 2022 12:55 pm
por xtr3me
GoncaloBCunha Escreveu:
xtr3me Escreveu:

Com esta descrição, até acho que 23 euros é estar a pagar pouco :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

De facto, só o uso desta palavra deve ter custado uma fortuna! :evillol:

Haha, verdade. Não fazia ideia do significado da mesma. Merecem os 23 euros, hehehe

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Enviado: sexta ago 12, 2022 11:06 am
por abyssum

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Enviado: sexta ago 12, 2022 3:38 pm
por nekronos
Os Portugueses Seventh Storm liderados pelo ex-MoonSpell Mike Gaspar editam hoje o novo trabalho "Maledictus"!

Toda a informação em: https://nekronospromotion.blogspot.com/ ... album.html
...ou aqui no forum: viewtopic.php?f=32&t=48668&p=1521302#p1521302




The vessel has finally entered the port and SEVENTH STORM's first album "Maledictus" is out today via Atomic Fire Records. With influences ranging from Bathory via Paradise Lost, and Dead Can Dance to even Van Halen, the Portuguese combo around Mike Gaspar is only just embarking on a journey across the wild and wondrous waters of heavy metal history. And while not being a concept album, "Maledictus" is tied together by a strong sense of pain and anger, paired with a flickering hope of forgiveness for our lives

To celebrate the release of their debut album, SEVENTH STORM present a music video for their heaviest track to date, that starts with a traditional Persian intro before unleashing raging blastbeats and a hard rocking chorus to honour the "Gods Of Babylon".
Drummer Mike Gaspar explains the background of the song:
“Just like the times of Babylon the gods represented a fairness of justice, healing , and compassion. Bringing light to agriculture to prosper for future years. Values we should worship still today. The past shows us the effects of war and famine. The magical teaching destroyed and lost. Let this song bring back those values and enrich our lives with sounds of an ancient past. Moving forward and United once more.
This video represents all that was conquered and fought for to create "Maledictus".
We now share it with those that desire to be part of this new Thunder Storm.
We shall please the Gods!”

Special thanks to Dynamix Studio Joe Fortunato Nirvana Studios Fab Jablonski Válter Freitas Ricardo Gordo

Watch the new music video for "Gods Of Babylon", featuring plenty of behind-the-scenes-shots from the album recording, photo and video shoots here:

Get the album in various formats here: https://seventhstorm.afr.link/maledictusFB

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Enviado: sábado ago 13, 2022 9:28 pm
por Keeper
RAZOR Announces First New Album In 25 Years, 'Cycle Of Contempt'

Canadian thrash metal veterans RAZOR will release "Cycle Of Contempt", on September 23 via Relapse. "Cycle Of Contempt" is a direct, cutthroat record that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

The official lyric video for the song "Flames Of Hatred" can be seen below.

RAZOR guitarist Dave Carlo said: "We are so psyched to finally offer this recording to our awesome and patient fanbase! It was our pleasure to make this for you and we sincerely hope you feel it was worth the wait. Play it loud my friends!"

From the catchy, concise riffs and insistent beats of album opener "Flames Of Hatred" to the double-barreled assault, muted power chord chugging and combative gang vocal of album closer "King Shit", "Cycle Of Contempt" is a trenchant reminder of a time when clubs around the world were packed with long-haired bands that played as fast as they could to mosh pits that spun and tumbled like clothes in a short-circuiting dryer.

As energetic and exciting as "Evil Invaders" and as urgent and powerful as RAZOR's 1989 speed-fest "Violent Restitution", "Cycle Of Contempt" showcases a band that never stopped spewing venom.

"I tried to write songs that everybody could listen to and say, 'Yeah, I know a guy who's done that to me or done this, or I know that situation. I can relate to that,'" Carlo said. "And I didn’t want to make everything specifically about me because when you do that, you exclude people. I wanted to include everyone that’s ever felt pissed off about anything."

An unrelenting slab of old-school thrash that showcases RAZOR's encyclopedic knowledge of the past along with Carlo's growth as a songwriter, player, and lyricist, "Cycle Of Contempt" is here to show that RAZOR are as dominating as ever.

"Cycle Of Contempt" track listing:

01. Flames of Hatred
02. Jabroni
03. Off My Meds
04. A Bitter Pill
05. Crossed
06. First Rate Hate
07. Cycle of Contempt
08. Punch Your Face In
09. All Fist Fighting
10. Darkness Falls
11. King Shit

Formed in 1984 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, RAZOR split up in 1992, but reformed in the late 1990s to record another album, titled "Decibels", in 1997. The band dissolved again, and reformed in 2005.

Carlo has been the only permanent member in the band's 38-year history.

Fonte: https://blabbermouth.net/news/razor-ann ... f-contempt

Boa música, bem direta! :headbanger: